New projects


At Momentor we´re always looking for new smart ventures, either within our current portfolio of concepts or as new, fresh ones. One concept we really would want to relaunch is our mass purchasing system, PowerBuy. 


The idea was to utilize the fact that we had an ever growing number of people visiting our social media site (AVforum) and basically place more bargaining power in the hands of our members.

Our first concept trials were quite successful, programmed in HTML and basically just registering orders on a particular item within a limited period of time.

However, we did run into a major issue as we got mixed into a bad situation where a fraudulent employee with one of the sellers operating over the PowerBuy-system falsified the signature of his boss and gained access to the bank. He transferred all the money from the PowerBuy-customers that was pre-paid and put the entire company at bankruptcy. We actually compensated the buyers ourselves out of our own pocket in order to try to save the rumour, but even still; people were sceptical.

Instead of just giving up we invested some 10.000 hours of work (in India) and made out an entire new platform that featured fully automated processes including a very nice escrow service that made sure the sellers did not get any payment until the goods were actually delivered. The system functioned quite fine, and we managed to sell about 6 mill NOK worth of goods over this service.

However, the system did need some further development to make the process even smoother and the cost of the escrow-service was very high. After a while we simply did not have the resources available to continue development, and in 2010 we stopped working on the service and it slowly died down. /

DIY home construction is on the ever increase, and our idea is to utilize the platform developed for AVforum to host a community concerning all things related to building a new home, fixing an existing one, redecorating, landscaping and on and on.

If you believe this might be a promising segment for you to invest some time and money into, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions. / / /

Once upon a time we really wanted to make this service a reality; an online custom tailer service where you do the measurements yourself and have a tailor in Thailand or another low cost country make out the perfect suit – just for you! After a lot of discussions with local tailors and an assessment of what was required to make this a reality we postponed this project until further notice.

We still believe there is a great potential in these kinds of services. Also, modern 3D scanning technology makes it possible to do the required measurements automatically and at a very low cost.

If you do believe this is a concept you could consider investing in, contact us for further discussions!

Other domains and ideas – upload 3D files, have them printed and drop shipped at your doorstep / – local Norwegian travel community allowing members to share their experiences, pictures and so on.

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