Hamrammr is all about immersion, temporarily transforming your perception of presence from what often can be a dull every day life to that of magic, adventure and epic storytelling. Our most recent venture was established in 2021 and has already won a number of awards as well as praise from the public. Developed by enthusiast and speaker guru Bjørn Erik Forberg from ground up.

Bjørn Erik Forberg, chief designer of Hamrammr

Our vision

Hamrammr shares the vision of its founding company; “Becoming a world renowned brand”. Our current position is local, but we have already started selling these speaker systems in Sweden and plan to expand throughout Europe and worldwide in the years to come.

Our future

While we are currently focusing on further developing our line-up, we have high ambitions for our future. The market for speaker systems is huge, and taking even a small portion of this segment may result in high relative sales volume. 

Being able to deploy our brand beyond the borders of Norway will require improvements in both distribution and sales, but we plan to try to utilise our existing distributor network for DreamScreen once our series is a bit more fine tuned.

We have already won several awards in Norwegian magazines, and customers are also praising our solution. We have several full scale demonstration rooms setup in Norway already, and will try to get these wonderful systems deployed in a number of other showrooms throughout Northern Europe and then the rest of the world.

In terms of production, we are combining low cost manufacturing in China of cabinets, while drivers are made in the EU. Currently, all our assembly and quality control is done right here in Norway, which is particularly important at this stage of this venture.