Run by and used by fellow AV-enthusiasts, AVshop is our main source of revenue, basing most of its business in Oslo, Norway.


Momentor develops and deploys concepts, and AVshop is still our first and only concept that has been separated into a separate company, AVshop AS.

Our showroom is located in Oslo, Norway, featuring three separate custom built cinema rooms, ranging from 15 to 40 square meters to truly be able to demonstrate the versatility and flexibilty of our concept. Within the same facilities, our warehouse is located, currently storing thousands of projection screens, projectors, sound systems, an increasing amount of construction products and even a custom built calibration simulator. Almost every projector sold through AVshop is professionally calibrated by a THX and ISF certified calibrator, carefully tuned to meet every customers specific gear and surroundings.

Our vision

We invision AVshop to be ‘The most preferred custom install grade AV distributor and direct sales channel in Scandinavia’.

The latest years an increasing portion of our business has been distributional or indirect. Although we still do believe in the direct sales model, especially for items targeted towards the enthusiast segment, we do realize that reaching out to a more general public might require more local support and assistance. As such, as we increase sales beyond the core enthusiast segment in the years to come, we believe the indirect sales portion might increase and will work towards supporting this development as effeciently as possible.