About Us


Momentor develops and deploys innovative concepts. The company was founded in 1998 as a PC-systems builder and Internet-store, but has since developed into a fully diversified organization dealing within several areas of operations.

Our focus on vertically integrating the various segments within our currently most important market, the niche mid- to hi-end AV-market, has proven very successful. We are strongly represented in production (DreamScreen), sales (AVshop) as well as media (AVforum). The combination of these elements allows us to perfectly suite the needs of a highly demanding niche within the world of advanced audio and video.

Our vision

Our slogan; “Developing Conceptual Power” is really the basis of our vision, which is “Developing and deploying successful, world-renowned concepts”. This is a rather ambitious vision, as becoming world-renowned for ones work is a privilege reserved only a few global concepts. Nonetheless, we believe that several in our current portfolio of concepts has the potential of becoming truly global. Our trademark DreamScreen is currently sold in China, the US, a number of countries in Europe, Thailand and several other markets, and although we´re certainly not “world-renowned” just yet, we´re heading in the right direction!

However, we have no intention of hastily making our way into the global markets. We will certainly make sure we have a sufficiently strong position in our home-markets in Scandinavia prior to expanding our business elsewhere. A strong base is really a requirement for making it globally in any market and business as the world is huge, the competition great and the costs enormous.

Want to join in?

At Momentor we´re passionate about our concepts. We want things to be fun, smart, innovative and grossing – all at the same time! We´re full of ideas, so if you like one of our ideas and you´re willing to invest you´re welcome to contact us for further discussions. Take a look at our New Projects to see some of our ideas!

Developing and deploying successful, world-renowned concepts