Developing Conceptual Power

Momentor develops and deploys innovative concepts. Since 1998 we have continuously and successfully founded a number of ventures within the challenging realm of High End home cinema. In the future we aim to both strenghten our current portfolio as well as turning new cutting edge Conceptually Powerful ideas into reality.


What is Momentor?

At Momentor we´re passionate about our concepts. We want things to be fun, smart, innovative and grossing – all at the same time!


Our latest venture, Hamrammr, was founded in 2021 and consists of speaker systems in the higher end segment. The designer of the series is a well known enthusiast and speaker guru from Norway, Bjørn Erik Forberg, pouring his 20+ years of experience into this new concept. We have already received several awards from local AV-magazines in Norway, while the customers are praising these amazing systems.

Designed and assembled in Norway to maintain top quality, while key components such as the drivers are sourced in the EU. The cabinets are made in sturdy birch plywood in a professional audio factory in China. The result is a highly affordable system with true hi-end sound.


Founded in 2002, DreamScreen has facilitated development and design within home cinema equipment ranging from projection screens to furniture, sound proofing and acoustical treatment. In 2016, we started selling our now world wide patented sound transparent projection screen in the US, a huge leap for our brand and our first International breakthrough. Sales are now peaking in both the US, China as well as in Europe. Our slogan really tells it all; “Excelling Your Image!”


Founded in 2002, has become Norway´s leading specialist retailer and distributor of higher-end home cinema gear. This store is featuring a large, very well equipped showroom in Oslo as well as an in-house warehouse stocking up thousand of projection screens, furniture, projectors, sound proofing materials and all other types of home cinema equipment.


Our enthusiast forum,, was founded in 2001 and developed to become one of Scandinavias leading online communities within audio and video. More than 80.000 members share their knowledge with their fellow enthusiasts on this user content generated site. AVforum is really a great source of inspiration for us as well, and we have made huge efforts into pouring as much resouces as possible to maintain the status quo. We´ll continue to do so in the future and hopefully we´ll be able to keep this wonderful Wealth of Knowledge and information live and kickin´ for years to come! We also purchased the domain back in 2003, and we do hope that we could one day share our enthusiasm with other, International markets!

New projects

At Momentor we´re always looking for new smart ventures, either within our current portfolio of concepts or as new, fresh ones. One concept we really would want to relaunch is our mass .purchasing system, PowerBuy. 

Our vision

Our slogan; “Developing Conceptual Power” is really the basis of our vision, which is “Developing and deploying successful, world-renowned concepts”. This is a rather ambitious vision, as becoming world-renowned for ones work is a privilege reserved only a few global concepts. Nonetheless, we believe that several in our current portfolio of concepts have the potential of becoming truly global.

Jon-Eivind Lygren