Founded in 2002, DreamScreen has facilitated development and design within home cinema equipment ranging from projection screens to furniture, sound proofing and acoustical treatment. Recently, we have started selling our patent pending sound transparent projection screen in the US, a huge leap for our brand and our first potential International breakthrough. Our slogan really tells it all; “Excelling Your Image!”

DreamScreen vector_Whiteonblack.transparent

Our vision

DreamScreen shares the vision of its founding company; “Becoming a world renowned brand”. Our launch in the US in 2016 has moved us even closer to this vision as the US, being the Movie Capital of the World, functions as a lighthouse that all others look to when it comes to innovations and development. 

Our brand new UltraWeave v7, using the same patented system as our previous two generations, features some of the most appealing characteristics available for a hi-end cinema screen.

Our future

We want DreamScreen to become a full-service home cinema room supplier. From basic construction and soundproofing to equipping the room with crucial specialty components such as authentic furniture, screens and acoustical treatments. In 2015 we launched a number of new items within the construction -and acoustical department and will continue to do so in the future. While increasing our coverage of supply, we´ll certainly still maintain our main focus on our acoustical transparent screens. This is the one segment we have identified as most critical for the performance of the rooms we try to supply, as the screen have the potential of both crippling or enabling the audio and video quality. We have spend more than fifteen years and produced tens of thousand of meters of fabric to get to where we are today; supplying one of the greatest and highest performing acoustical transparent screens available in the world. The method used for the production of our latest generations of fabric is also patented in major markets such as the US and EU.

Currently we are looking at expanding our line of acoustical transparent screens to the commercial cinema market as well, requiring several times the size we are currently producing. This is a very challenging task, but if we succeed we might potentially provide fellow cinema goers with a far better experience than is currently the case – both in terms of audio and video!